...gentle reminder :@)

B.1 Race rules for runners

1. Each stage has a cut off time - the maximum time that will be applied to any eligible runner who has been recorded by the ‘Starter’ and who participates with the intention of completing the stage. Please familiarise yourselves with the penalties that apply to runners (section A.10).

2. If a team fails to get an eligible runner to run the stage the cut-off time plus 15 minutes will apply.

3. Officials will ask any runner not expected to complete the stage within the cut off time to leave the course and you must comply with this instruction. Time keepers and other officials cannot wait on the stage past the cut off time. Teams must ensure they are on hand to assist any such runners.

4. Runners are timed over their stage, and the times for all stages are summed to give the total team time.

5. Runners must wear the identifying club vest with team number on both the front and back.

6. Pacing or protecting a runner from wind is not allowed.

7. It is the runner's responsibility to follow the correct route. There is no lead vehicle on any stage of the race. Maps of routes are shown online 

8. Runners must keep to the left hand side of the road at all times, except when instructed otherwise.

9. The wearing of IPODs/MP3 players or other similar devices while competing is

10. The use of water cannons and water pistols are not permitted.

11. The prize for the first veteran (male or female) on a leg is given to the first veteran after the first finisher. If the stage winner is a veteran, the prize will go to the next veteran to cross the finish line.

12. No training or cycling is allowed on the route of a stage during the running of that stage and will incur a penalty.


Rules is Rules

Almost there! Goody bags packed, vans on route already for some, the sun shining - and everyone rather excited. What could go wrong? Nothing hopefully, if we all adhere tenaciously like the limpets of Criccieth to the mightly rock of instructions as carved in the WCR Reference Book.  Please read and ensure all runners are familiar with the race rules (section B1) and those draconian penalties for daring to breach (section A1).  Cut-off times will also be strictly enforced this year - this essential to help ensure the safety of the race (the A470 is no place to dawdle) and need for marshalls and support gangs to be in place for the stage.  See you soon!!


Race Briefing 

A reminder that all team captains (deputy or manager) must attend the race briefing at Arfon Leisure Centre, Caernarfon at 08:30 on Saturday morning. Thereafter we move on to the start of Stage 1 at Caernarfon Castle for race start at 10:00.  At the briefing we will distribute marshall bibs and give details of any last minute changes to the race.  Please also ensure that all runners and those supporting the race are familiar with the race pack.


Route Changes

Several minor changes to last year's course are currently being finalised - full details will be provided to team captains and those marshalling.  On Stage 20 we're having to make short detours off the Taff Trail to take into account the building of a hydro-electric plant at Radyr Weir and weekend work on the Railway Bridge to the North of Hailey Park. Stage 20 will also finish just short of Cooper's Field (by the Welsh College of Drama and Music) in order to avoid a clash with an another event. Details of the proposed amended course here. 

Stage 19 also sees a slightly amended start out of Abercynon - this to avoid road crossings out of Navigation Park, and to show you more of the River Taff in all its piscine glory Details here. Stage 18 has a similar divert just after mile 7, the route leaving the main road and crossing the Taff at Quakers Yard to briefly join the Trevithick Trail before the sprint to the finish in Navigation Park. Details here


Glamping in Newtown

The overnight campsite at Newtown Comprehensive School will open from 18:00 on Saturday evening with the Maldwyn (Newtown) Leisure Centre (adjacent to) open until 22:00 for shower, toilet facilities etc. Food and breakfast will not available this year at the Leisure Centre - only coffee, soft drinks and so forth from their vending machines - so please come prepared and support the local economy/chippy etc (many exciting culinary adventures await in the town that is new..)

Those camping are also asked to respect local residents and fellow competitors by keeping noise levels down, not leaving litter, and behaving in an mature and considerate manner (coughs..). We did have problems and complaints last year and it goes without saying clubs will be excluded from future WCRs should their runners cause such problems.

Please also note that the Leisure Centre will be closed from 22:00 until 5:00am the following morning. The camp must also be vacated, cleared and closed by 08:30am on Sunday morning to allow the race officials to continue their southbound journey and hand keys back to those kind enough to let us use their facilities. There'd be no WCR without them needless to say..