The line-up for this year's WCR


Final Instructions to Team Managers

Well the goody bags are packed, vans of clobber about to be loaded, and some of you are already on route. To assist sleepless nights (or getting to sleep, as the case may be), this document has been sent to Team Managers, optimistically called the 'Final Instructions to Team Managers' on the assumption that no more last minute route changes, race tweaks or polite reminders about everyone reading the Reference Book will ever again be required this year!

(The 'Final FINAL instructions to Team Managers' will, of course, be presented at the Race Briefing on Saturday morning, 8:30 in Caernarfon Leisure Centre, to which all Team Managers and/or their deputes are cordially invited not to miss at their peril :@)  

Have a safe trip everyone, don't forget to Tweet or Facebook share photos of happy runners and advice about where the best WCRstreetfood/cake is to be had. Thanks so much for continuing to support this wonderful event runners, sponsors, helpers and supporters alike

John Griffin (and the team) at Les Croupiers Running Club


Traffic and travel...

Latest update below, but details may change before Race Day. A huge word of caution to runners and supporters to be vigilant, take care at junctions/traffic lights and to cross roads when directed. And as ever, please help us minimise race traffic by using minibuses and NOT using cars.

"You are the traffic" to quote one member of the LCRC who frequents House of Commons Select Committees.. 



Whether the weather..

We've organised a few extra water stations for 2019 following some heat probs last year (eg 16, Brecon to Torpantau). Looks like the weather will also be playing its part to help mitigate for dehydration in 2019. Come prepared!


Thanks Chorlton :@)

Many thanks to Justin Hayes, Team Captain of Chorlton, for sharing with us some rather handy exported map files (ours transferred into Google Maps), and the following nice email sent to WCR HQ. So helpful!

"I've taken the liberty of transferring the stage route information from your website to a couple of Google maps, and have added the marshalling points for the Chorlton Runners teams. I've included the revised route for Stage 6. The maps can be downloaded to mobile phones and other devices using the links below, and should be visible when using the Google Maps app. It's possible to select points such as stage starts and marshalling points, and have Google Maps navigate you to them. For the maps/navigation to work without wifi or mobile data It's important to save offline versions of the base mapping for the regions through which the relay progresses (I've saved four sections, but you could just save most of Wales). It also looks as though you need to keep the Google Maps app open with the stage maps loaded to be certain of having them available offline. I found some useful instructions at See sections 1 and 2.  The Google maps of the WCR stages are at

Stages 1-10 on Saturday
Stages 11-20 on Sunday

Each of our buses will also have a printed road map book, along with prints of our team itinerary and other important stuffso that we're not dependant on technology."