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B.1 Race rules for runners

1. Each stage has a cut off time - the maximum time that will be applied to any eligible runner who has been recorded by the ‘Starter’ and who participates with the intention of completing the stage. Please familiarise yourselves with the penalties that apply to runners (section A.10).

2. If a team fails to get an eligible runner to run the stage the cut-off time plus 15 minutes will apply.

3. Officials will ask any runner not expected to complete the stage within the cut off time to leave the course and you must comply with this instruction. Time keepers and other officials cannot wait on the stage past the cut off time. Teams must ensure they are on hand to assist any such runners.

4. Runners are timed over their stage, and the times for all stages are summed to give the total team time.

5. Runners must wear the identifying club vest with team number on both the front and back.

6. Pacing or protecting a runner from wind is not allowed.

7. It is the runner's responsibility to follow the correct route. There is no lead vehicle on any stage of the race. Maps of routes are shown online 

8. Runners must keep to the left hand side of the road at all times, except when instructed otherwise.

9. The wearing of IPODs/MP3 players or other similar devices while competing is

10. The use of water cannons and water pistols are not permitted.

11. The prize for the first veteran (male or female) on a leg is given to the first veteran after the first finisher. If the stage winner is a veteran, the prize will go to the next veteran to cross the finish line.

12. No training or cycling is allowed on the route of a stage during the running of that stage and will incur a penalty.

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