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Glamping in Newtown

The overnight campsite at Newtown Comprehensive School will open from 18:00 on Saturday evening with the Maldwyn (Newtown) Leisure Centre (adjacent to) open until 22:00 for shower, toilet facilities etc. Food and breakfast will not available this year at the Leisure Centre - only coffee, soft drinks and so forth from their vending machines - so please come prepared and support the local economy/chippy etc (many exciting culinary adventures await in the town that is new..)

Those camping are also asked to respect local residents and fellow competitors by keeping noise levels down, not leaving litter, and behaving in an mature and considerate manner (coughs..). We did have problems and complaints last year and it goes without saying clubs will be excluded from future WCRs should their runners cause such problems.

Please also note that the Leisure Centre will be closed from 22:00 until 5:00am the following morning. The camp must also be vacated, cleared and closed by 08:30am on Sunday morning to allow the race officials to continue their southbound journey and hand keys back to those kind enough to let us use their facilities. There'd be no WCR without them needless to say..

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