Christmas Drink

Everyone is invited for a pre-Christmas drink on Sunday 20th December, meeting at O'Neills on St Mary Street 6.30pm onwards.


Movember - the final

Only three moustache sporting club members were there on Thursday for a photo shoot.

Others that should get honorable mentions for their upper lip growths (grown for the event in an ironic post-modern way as opposed to those for whom it is a lifestyle choice) include: Mick Tabor (Masters prize) and Nick Dukes (Used car salesman look alike).

Well done all, hopefully we'll round up some more in 11 months time.

(Pictured from left to right, Chris Discombe, Matt Townsend, Alan Mason)




As some of you may have noticed several of the male members of the Club have been sporting or attempting to grow moustaches.

This is for the prostate cancer charity initiative 'Movember'

I suggest that a team photo of all those with hirsute upper lips be taken on Thursday 27th of November, no matter how pathetic the growths.

Matt T


Night Out

Meet 7.30 in Mochyn Du on 30th October and then decide whatever.

Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier.

Hopefully we'll get a good mix, from the Club's old stalwarts to the more recent vibrant young things.


Treasure hunt

Courtesy of Matt Townsend, we've organised a treasure hunt and social event for Friday 31st July, meeting at the Welsh Institute of Sport (WIS). In the word's of Mr Townsend:

‘The treasure hunt will be a short loop around from the Welsh Institute of Sport (WIS) into town via the Castle passing Queen Street, into Cathays Park and coming back round over the Millennium bridge to finish.  
Along the route you will have to solve as many of the questions as you can in a maximum time of 1 hour.
1 point will be deducted for every minute over your allotted time.
Teams will be released at 1 minute intervals from the start.
Speed is not as important as team work, visual acuity and lateral thinking.

Showers available in WIS and afterwards adjourning to the Y Mochyn Du for refreshments.
Prizes to those with the most points.
Points mean prizes,what do points mean?’

Congratulations to Matt for not only sneaking in the spirit of Brucie, but also for slipping the word 'acuity' under the radar and starting us off on the right lines. This Treasure hunt could be a tester.....

Names and entry fees (a whopping £1) to Clare. 

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