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Alternative Xmas Pudding run - 14th December

For those not doing the Pudding Run there will be a social training run starting from the oval, Pontcanna Fields at 9.30am. This is not a race! It is a training session open to all club members and you can decide the distance you complete. Starting from the oval you can do:-

1) the 10k route by walking over to the stables,
2) the handicap 10 mile
3) the abbreviated Sunday morning special of 12 miles (left at car park past Castle Coch down gravel path then take path down to Castle then back to oval)
4) the classic Col Coq du Noir for those wanting a full 16 miles.

When we all finish (around 11.30am) there will be mince pies/cake (as long as you bring some). Cafe Castan are aware that we will be eating near their establishment and are fine with this as long as we buy coffees etc from them. Just don't go asking for a free flake with your Mr Whippy as refusal can lead to embarrassment.....!!!

All speeds and abilities welcome, the more people that come the more chance that someone of your own pace and distance will also be there.

For all those grumpy people out there it will be a Christmas special run, it doesn't take a lot of effort to wear a piece of tinsel or a Santa hat so get into the spirit of the season.

The general plan is to go for food/drinks after maybe at The Halfway.

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