Clare Johnson - 70th birthday and still going great guns!

Clare is often seen at the Cardiff Parkrun & races from 400m up to a marathon, both on road & off, including the Gwent league! She has also been spotted doing 2+hr training runs on a Sunday. Clare is an inspiration, & recently celebrated her 70th birthday and a new age group. We all wish Clare a happy birthday & many more runs to come!

Clare had the following to say after celebrating at Julie Scholey's house party:

Thanks to all who came to my 70th birthday bash on Saturday at Super Scholey's house. It was a fantastic afternoon and evening in Julie and Pete’s beautiful garden on a perfect summer’s day. As if by magic, the food tables kept on being replenished with wonderfully varied dishes which just kept on coming. The ales, brewed by Julie’s brother, Pete, were super. Wave upon wave of people came and it was great to see so many Les Croupiers members there, past and present. I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful messages I received, along with gifts and bottles of booze. I was truly spoilt. The best thing I ever did was join the club and I feel privileged to know so many wonderful people from all walks of life. Being part of the Les Croupiers ‘family’ has been a very important part of my life and the friendship and camaraderie over the past 20 years, through good times and through hard times, have been second to none. I’ve had so much fun with you all and you keep me young! A big THANK YOU, Julie and Pete, for allowing me to ‘highjack’ your party and making it such a memorable occasion.


More photos, courtesy of Clare Phillips & Annie Conroy, via the following links:





ACE - Summer Edition July 2015  

The Summer 2015 edition of Ace is now available online, along with access to the Ace archive.

A flipable on screen edition as well as the tradition Adobe Acrobat file is available.

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Again, thanks to all who contributed!


Merthyr Mawr Lane 5k - 27 May 2015

This year's event was held on a cool and breezy evening.

We had success at individual and team levels but we were well beaten in the 'mob match'.

Katie Beecher and Gabby Maine were 2nd and 3rd ladies respectively and Julie Scholey easily won the over 55 section.

We had first over 40 , over 50 and over 60 in the men's race with Matt Hurford, Martin Williams and Mike Davies taking the honours.

Ladies teams were first - Katie, Gabby and Janet Holmes - and third Scholey, Claire Jones and Carol Rees.

The mens team of Nick Tulp, Matt Hurford, Martin Williams and Andy Blair was also third.

We just didn't get enough runners out on the night and the points difference of around 700 meant that the mop goes back to Bridgend etc.



Ruth Collishaw - A legend in the making

Not too sure how many members interrogate the statistics section of the parkrun website. It's full of all sorts of wondrous stories!

For example: 343 Croups members have done Cardiff parkrun. If pushed, most of us can remember our parkrun debut. Ruth Collishaw made her Cardiff parkrun debut last Saturday. If you've ever heard Ruth, you'll know she's a bit on the loud side, and that's putting it mildly. She told me last Saturday that she will be 71 next week. I think the whole world heard her. I remember her telling the world of her 40th birthday during the 1984 Welsh Castles. And we were all invited to her party.

Ruth's parkrun debut turned out to be a new age category record - 29:52 for 74.55%. Not earth-shattering, but knowing Ruth there could be plenty more to come. Not many younger members will know Ruth, but the older ones will. She was one of the club's first lady members. She won the 1983 Cardiff Marathon and went on to set her marathon best of 3:03:25 in London 1988. Lady runners were relatively scarce in those days, and Ruth was a huge support and an inspiration to many ladies new to the sport. She co-ordinated the Reebok Sisters.

Her partner was Reg Rossiter, who was also a huge influence in our early days, particularly as Race Director of the Castles Relay, in which he was also responsible for obtaining long-term sponsorship through British Steel. They were both a driving force in our early days. Reg and Ruth were together for more than 35 years, but sadly Reg died last October after a lengthy illness. Naturally, the loss of Reg left a huge void in her life, which is why it was such good news to welcome her back last Saturday, to the special extended family that is Les Croupiers.

And Happy Birthday for Tuesday, Ruth.



British Masters Road Relays - 16 May 2015

Yet more GOLD medals today at Sutton Park in the form of the F65 ladies - today's team was Clare Johnson, Mal Rowson and Ann James. Ann James received another gold as she was the fastest leg runner in this age category.

We won the F65s three years ago when our trio was Annie Conroy, Clare Johnson and Ruth Collishaw.
And that makes a total of 2 GOLD, 3 SILVER and 2 BRONZE for Clare - our most prolific medal winner in these championships.


An analysis of the team results from the British Masters Relays on 16 May shows that 78 clubs finished a team in at least one age group but only 3 of them finished in at least 6 categories of the possible 9.
They were:
Clayton le Moors 8
Les Croupiers 6
Wolds Veterans 6

To try and rank the top clubs objectively, I took the best 3 men's team positions and the best 3 women's team positions.
The totals were:
Les Croupiers 54
Clayton le Moors 63
Wolds Veterans 124

I don't know if this proves anything at all but surely it makes us (one of) the best Masters clubs in the UK - or am I being biased??