First Les Croups podcast online!

Well digital technology has arrived with a bang at Les Croupiers.Today at the ever popular Cardiff Park Run, the website team were in attendence capturing the hustle, bustle and sounds of this popular event. In due course, an archive will be created to host our Podcast activities and record an oral history of Les Croupiers. For the time being, you can enjoy the first one here........

 Alternatively, enjoy it on the move by downloading it here.




Breaking news - Treasure hunt re-routed

From Matt Townsend...

Because of a big event in the park this weekend the Treasure Hunt has been rerouted through town around St Mary's Street and the Hayes. As it'll be only 2.5 miles and in town folks can probably get away with normal gear rather than lycra. Pace will be walk/trot rather than eyeballs out.

Matt promises rich rewards.


Get those nominations in! 

Main website manager Dave Weeden has provided an online nomination facility for 'Mug of the month'. To offer your nomination, follow the link below.

Mug of the month

You can nominate for any month; the committee will consider nominations at the relevant committee meetings (normally MOM is assessed about 6 weeks after the performance).


Individual 5k Time Trial - 20 August

This ever-popular event takes place on Thursday 20 August.

Entry is £3 which will also get you a drink at the club bar.

Runners will start at 30 second intervals with the first one off at 7pm.

Please enter by 6 August to get a seeded start - this will give you the best chance of having a good run.  An early entry will also give you an entry into the balanced team competition.

If you can't run we are still looking for people to help out on the night.



Croups success at British Masters 10km Championships

The following news could possibly have appeared in a number of locations, but I'm posting it on Latest News because I may be the only one of the Editors who knows about it. Yesterday was the latest in this years Club Long Course Road Championships, the Magor Marsh 10 km. It's not a course that many of us done before, but this year it received British Masters 10 Km Championship status - and not too many championships come to Wales.

It was a very blustery morning, with very heavy rain at times. Croups were very well represented.
Team Championships were decided on a 3 to run, cumulative time basis, and were based on 10 year age brackets. Croups took TWO team golds.

We won the Ladies 55-64 with Gillian Murphy, Annie Conroy and Mal Rowson. We won the Mens 50-59 with Mick McGeoch, Rob Jones and Mick Tabor - defeating Oxford City by just THREE SECONDS, and Bridgend by just TWENTY-EIGHT SECONDS. Derek Williams was Race Referee and is finalising the results, and Mel James is Secretary of British Masters.

The 3 amigos: Mick Tabor, Rob Jones, Mick McGeoch. Gold medalists at Magor.