5k Time Trial - 20 August 2009

Many thanks to all the marshals, time-keepers and others who helped make this event a success for the 10th time.

Late starter Chris Kiely who ran 16.23 was the fastest on the night.  Others under 17 minutes were Phil Cook 16.36, David Williams 16.43 and Nick Dukes 16.51.  Libby O'Duffy was the fastest lady with another PB 19.14.

The winning 'team' was David McDonald, Shayne Sawyers and Mike Murphy.

Individual Result          Team Result



ACE 1st Edition

An historic document has been now made available to all on the site.

A new section has been created called Best of ACE, in there is the 1st ever edition from 1982. More will be added in time but it'll give you an insight into the Club's early days.



Les Croupiers to feature in 'Running Fitness' magazine

The October issue of 'Running Fitness' magazine will feature an article profiling the club, its activities and some of its characters. As a 'thank you' the magazine will be supplying Les Croups with 250 bottles of Taut sports drink. As soon as they arrive, these will be available on a first come, first served basis at the club house.

The issue will be on sale from September the 25th.


John Griffin: 70 Today!

Really! I didn't believe it either. Fifteen years as Temporary Chairman is obviously therapeutic, and John looks as if he could be temporary Chairman for at least as long again!

This year at the Masters Road Relays at Sutton Park the Over 70 age group was the only one we didn't contest. Hopefully this is yet another area where John can "lead from the front" and along with the likes of Alan Bladen and Errol Alexis can show our septuagenarians to be the fastest on the road and not just the fastest to the bar!


London Calling: Virgin on the Ridiculous

Yes, I know. It's only August and we're already discussing Spring Marathons.

Unfortunately, demand for this race means that we have to enter early. If you haven't entered the main ballot for London, I'm sorry, it's too late. If you have - then by early October you should know whether you have been successful.

This post is primarily for those runners who qualify via the Good for Age category. The deadline for applications here is 21 August. For details of how to enter, and qualification criteria:

If you're in the fortunate position of being fast enough to enter the championship, you have until 2 January. Last week, the results of this year's team championship were published. Results are on a 3 to score, cumulative time basis:

Men: 1. Tipton 7:22:38; 2. Salford 7:27:34; 3. Thames H & H 7:31:35; 4. Shaftesbury Barnet 7:41:38; 5. Les Croupiers 7:42:07; 6. Serpentine 7:54:38.

Ladies: 1. Arena 80 9:07:36; 2. Serpentine 9:32:19; 3. Belgrave 9:46:55.

The last time we figured in the top three was 1998 when both our men and ladies teams finished third. We clearly have the natural ability within our ranks to do so again.