Andy Mundy off to Oz

Very best of luck to Andy Mundy who is packing his suitcases, high UV sunscreen and a really decent set of sunglasses and heading off to start a new life in Australia. Andy joined the club in September 2008 and during his time at the club has become a familiar and friendly face. We sincerely hope that the club vest will see some action in the Southern Hemisphere and if you're in Melbourne drop in on ex-member Eero Keranen. He's bound to show you some decent routes - and some dodgy weather patterns - around that particular fair city. Don't forget that even 10,000 miles from home is not too far to be chased by Derek for membership fees. We'll be expecting that £20 in April. Best of luck Andy!

Andy celebrates running for the 'best club in the world'.



Good luck Berlin marathon runners!

Do us proud, lads and lasses of Les Croups. Best of luck and fingers crossed for a mass of new PBs.


Liz Ashton joins the editorial team

To bolster the female presence amongst our editorial ranks, we're pleased to announce that Liz Ashton is now part of the website editorial team. With a roving remit and access to Twitter, Liz will be adding items of interest as they crop up. Welcome Liz, to the world of Les Croups blogging! 


Cardiff 10k Gallery

I have added a new road running gallery with a few pictures from today's 10k.

I have also corrected the broken link so you should be able to view the Short Course Positions successfully now.



Are you doing Berlin? If so......

........then Phil needs to hear from you;

Hi All
I'm trying to workout who is going to Berlin for the Marathon this year and I've lost track of names. If you are going could you please let me know, we can then try and put some arrangements together.