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LCRC website: volunteer required

LCRC has an informative website the primary role of which is to provide club information to our members, those who enjoy our events and local runners who may wish to join our club. We were one of the first Running Clubs in the UK to set-up a web site (well over twenty years ago thanks to the efforts of Dave Weedon). The web-site has been integrated with subsequent developments such as Results Database and Forum which provide greater interaction and have proved hugely popular. Whilst grateful to those club members who continue to maintain the website and its various component parts, a revamp is now overdue with a pressing need to migrate the site and content to a new, modernised, easy to use and more robust ‘Content Management System’ (CMS). As with most technology there are aspects of the website that are fast becoming rather dated. For example, the site is not mobile-friendly. We already have a sub-committee that contributes to the maintenance of information on the website, but we need a club member to lead its redesign which is likely to include moving from the current CMS (Squarespace 5) to a different platform. The volunteer will need the energy, time, enthusiasm and IT know-how to drive forward the needed changes, working with the sub-committee. If you would like to support our club in this way, please reply to me personally, below under 'comments', to the post on our Facebook site or the website Forum, or inform another member of the club’s committee.

Thank you very much.

Graeme Donnan

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