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ACE - a message from Mick McGeogh

I'm sure you're all aware of how talented a club we are. You only have to read through the back copies of ACE (which has now been going for 36 years) to recognise that. However most members are a little modest in coming forward with contributions for ACE. There's no reason to be modest, because it's been another very successful summer, with many members producing performances they wouldn't have dreamt of not long ago!

So come and share your experiences in ACE!

Howard Kent has been putting this magazine together for the last 5 years, however for this coming edition I will be helping. Howard already has quite a bit of nostalgia (which is great for older members). But what we'd really like is new material, particularly from newer members. Please send to me at mick.mcgeoch@sky.com 

Any length, any topic (so long as running-related). If possible, within the next week, but send contributions in anyway, and they will appear in the next edition at Xmas.

Thank you!

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