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Changes to the Thursday night Club Runs

Following a review of the Thursday night Club runs we plan to make some changes to the structure, there will now be designated groups based on 5K times and we will now offer a “Tempo” type run. The groups will be staggered and going off in small intervals. There is a link to the groups here.


In effect the club membership would be split into training groups and each member would be allocated a group based on 5k times, this should mean that people should be in a group with people of a “similar” pace.

The groups won’t be fixed, members can move up and down groups depending on what they wanted out of that weeks run. Some weeks you may want an easier run so you can drop down a group, if you wanted a bit of a challenge you could go up a group.

The idea would be to make the session more of a tempo run. The groups will naturally split but hopefully in a slightly more organised way, and the pressure is off with regards trying to keep everyone to stick to one pace.

Copies of the Groups will be placed in the changing rooms on a Thursday night.

Between 6.55pm and 7.00pm all runners will be moved into the UWIC car park, and then put into their groups. The Group Leaders will then take charge and co-ordinate the groups. The GL will find out who is doing the “session/tempo”, who is doing their own thing/steady run, and who is doing the 10 mile. The GL will only take charge of those doing the “session/tempo”.

While waiting for the off, the GL will get the group ready to go and be responsible for starting them off.


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