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London Calling: Virgin on the Ridiculous

Yes, I know. It's only August and we're already discussing Spring Marathons.

Unfortunately, demand for this race means that we have to enter early. If you haven't entered the main ballot for London, I'm sorry, it's too late. If you have - then by early October you should know whether you have been successful.

This post is primarily for those runners who qualify via the Good for Age category. The deadline for applications here is 21 August. For details of how to enter, and qualification criteria:


If you're in the fortunate position of being fast enough to enter the championship, you have until 2 January. Last week, the results of this year's team championship were published. Results are on a 3 to score, cumulative time basis:

Men: 1. Tipton 7:22:38; 2. Salford 7:27:34; 3. Thames H & H 7:31:35; 4. Shaftesbury Barnet 7:41:38; 5. Les Croupiers 7:42:07; 6. Serpentine 7:54:38.

Ladies: 1. Arena 80 9:07:36; 2. Serpentine 9:32:19; 3. Belgrave 9:46:55.

The last time we figured in the top three was 1998 when both our men and ladies teams finished third. We clearly have the natural ability within our ranks to do so again.


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