Gwent League Cross Country

New to the club? Haven’t done cross country since year 10? Mystified or intimidated? This short guide should encourage you make Gwent League a central part of your running calendar.

Gwent League is a series of 5 events over the winter (rarely in Gwent for some reason) which incorporate men’s, women’s and junior races over 2-4 laps of a grass/mud/hill course. The men’s races are around 10km and the women’s 6km.

Gwent League is a great social event and a chance for the men to cheer on the women, and vis versa, meet new friends huddling in the team tent, and try out some fine home baking after the run. Racing the best club runners in the Cardiff and Bristol region is the perfect incentive to go all out. Aim to beat that individual who always just gets in front of you, aim for the top half/third/tenth, or just aim to do all five events to earn the much admired ‘Gwent League Ever Present’ mug

Cross country is a team sport with the first five in any age category to score, but the key to winning is putting out a really big team. Les Croupiers regularly field teams of over 70 runners showing that this really is at the heart of our running year. We all act as inbuilt substitutes if one of the quicker runners has an off day, and we all depress the scores of weaker teams even if we aren’t in the top 5. Every runner counts. This is also one of the cheapest forms of competition with entry free to Les Croupiers members, add in a car share and it’s a bargain day out.

Cross country is stripped back, glamour free running. Hard, dirty, cold and basic. But if you want to do something tough for the team – sign up. You will need a club vest (green and red), spikes or fell shoes (see forum for the debate), let your team captain know you are running (post on the forum) and be there one hour before the race starts (captains have to do the paperwork then run).

If you need some other reason for running – ask Jeff Aston (he’s done the last 140+)

More information can be found here.