The Club Committee


The Club committee meets generally on a Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 7:30pm throughout the year. The Committee has officers elected according the new Club consitution at the AGM held in January. The Committee can also appoint other members to various sub-committees.

Meetings can be attended by any current Club Member.

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The current committee members:

  • Chair: John Griffin
  • Deputy Chair: Jeff Aston
  • Secretary: Tina Rossiter
  • Treasurer: Richard Bullen
  • Membership Secretary: Alan Mason
  • Club Captain: Phil Cook
  • General member: Karen Chadwell
  • General member: Kate Russell
  • General member: David E Williams
  • General member: Amanda Thompson
  • General member: Mike Rossiter
  • General member: Julie Scholey

Web sub committee

  • David McDonald
  • Howard Kent
  • Steve Paterson

Castles sub committee

  • John Griffin
  • Amanda Thompson
  • Phil Cook
  • Mike Davies
  • Jeff Aston

Club Championships sub committee

  • Mike Davies
  • Jeff Aston
  • Mick McGeoch
  • Graeme Donnan
  • Amanda Thompson
  • Phil Cook