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Long Course Championship Road Races 2014


The Championship will be based upon the best FIVE performances but at least one of them must be from one of the two ranking lists for either a road marathon or road half marathon.

 There are two possibilities:

1.  THREE races from the prescribed list AND a road marathon time AND a road half marathon time

2.  FOUR races from the prescribed list and EITHER a road marathon time OR a road half marathon time.

 Of course you may have more than five qualifying performances but your best five will be the ones that count. However, to be eligible for an award, you must have completed at least four races.

The prescribed list includes our own promotions and those of some other local clubs. Other well supported races from previous years have also been included.

The list of prescribed races is as follows :

▪            26 January                 Lliswerry 8 mile

▪            02 February               Club Handicap 10 mile

▪            16 March                    Gloucester 20 mile

▪            04 May      (tbc)        Castles 10 mile

▪           22 June(tbc)              Caerphilly 10k

▪            23/24 August            Cardiff Pentath Run (CPR)

▪            07 September (tbc)  Cardiff 10k

▪            21 September           Swansea Bay 10k

▪            2 November               Richard Burton 10k, Cwmafon

            23 November (tbc)    Elan Valley 10 mile

            New Long Course event


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